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Over the passed six years i have been reading about and researching micro hydro. I have also installed a very successful off grid system that runs at over 60% efficiency at the point of battery changing (80% turbine efficiency) This system runs my house and workshop.  I also do quite a lot of testing with regard to jet alignment and system tuning. getting extremely high system efficiency is my speciality. These high efficiencies make very small amounts of water viable off grid hydro systems

I will be offering a full range of custom made turbines, manifolds, and intakes once i have completed testing and developed the products fully. 

Currently I get Multiple emails a day with questions regarding Micro Hydro and it has come to the point that i no longer provide this service for free as it takes up a large amount of my time. I have decided to offer micro hydro consultancy services. Maybe you just have a question about components or maybe you would like to have a chat on the phone or via skype in more depth. These services are now available. 



One question via email £25


One Hour Consultation £65


Please Leave your contact Information on the Add Note section of the payment page. Alternatively i will contact you via the PayPal email address that is used for payment 

Please note that if you use this feature to contact me about matters other than renewable energy then the purchase will be ignored and not refunded

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